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non-breaking space hangs pipe

dear zsh'ers

in our ZSh made application Tomb we hit a bug that depends from a
translation error in GPG and that could be solved along with any other
similar situation by ZSh if some sort of "canonization"
non-blocking-space (NBS) is made for the '=~' and perhaps other string
operators. I think that handling the special case of NBS is particularly
valuable for zsh script users since such bugs can be very hard to spot.

Here the detail on our issue:

as Arthaud indicates, this is easily replicable with [[ " X" =~ "X" ]]
where the first character in " X" is a non-breaking space; this gets the
zsh interpreter stuck and it seems not even Ctrl+C works.

While I'll file also the bug about an NBS in the GnuPG French
translation, I think is worth considering implementing approaches that
will make ZSh act as one would expect in all such cases.


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