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Directory stack completion system

I'm playing with completion system and directory stack, and I figured out that there is some inconsistency in my set up, namely "dirs -v" shows:
0    ~
1    /usr/src
2    ~/tmp
3    ~/software
whereas "cd -<TAB>":
0 --  /home/john
1 --  /usr/src
2 --  /home/john/tmp
3 --  /home/john/software
I like "dirs" behaviour more, i.e. abbreviated form of directory names (with tilde), so how can I set up completion system for "cd -" to show "~"?
Part of my current setup from .zshrc which may be related to this issue:
setopt AUTO_PUSHD                                        # cd pushes the old directory onto the directory stack
setopt PUSHD_MINUS                                      # exchange the meanings of '+' and '-'
setopt CDABLE_VARS                                       # to allow 'cd -2/tmp'
autoload -U compinit && compinit                     # load + start module
zstyle ':completion:*:cd:*' tag-order '! users'  # don't complete users' $HOME in cd
Thanks in advance for any hints,

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