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Re: Vimode problem (key press dropping)

alx741@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> When i hit ESC two times the next letter is ignored, so in order to 
> enter insert mode i need to hit 'i'/'a' two times two. This is the same 
> for any even number of ESC, the problem is the same for 4 hits but no 
> for 3 times so i can say the second ESC hit leave the shell listening 
> and it just drop the next key press.

The problem is that from vi command mode, the escape key is not bound to
anything. If you bind escape to do absolutely nothing, the problem goes

  bindkey -as '\e' ''

Or alternatively, the following is what vim does:

  bindkey -a '\e' beep

Part of the reason behind the behaviour you see is that the cursor keys
typically are bound and when you press the cursor keys, what zsh sees is
an "escape sequence": a series of characters that start with an escape
character. This also means that after seeing an escape character, zsh
has to wait to see if more characters arrive. You might also want to
tweak the KEYTIMEOUT variable to reduce this delay.

Question to -workers subscribers: how should we address this in the
defaults? I also have escape bound to set REGION_ACTIVE=0 from the
visual keymap which should perhaps also be default behaviour (vim does
that). Note that escape being a prefix character is what causes the
subsequent 'i'/'a' to be ignored.


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