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string to array space problem in filenames


I should probably know this, but I'm rusty after a few months not thinking about zsh. I have a personal implementation of a dirstack that just pushes $PWD to the end of a file then rereads the file to an array which is then sent to 'select' to let me change directory. I like it because it survives reboot and works across xterms and removes duplicates and so on. The only thing that trips it up is when a directory is pushed that contains a space. I have few of those, so it's just an irritation, still I'd like to fix it if possible. Here's one of the offending directories:

    pts/1 HP-w5--5-Debian1 root /root/.icedove/Ray/Mail/Local Folders

... which 'select' does this with:

2) /aWorking/Zsh
3) Folders
4) /root/.icedove/Ray/Mail/Local

... because it breaks at the space, obviously. Is there some way around that? I've tried various quotes and slashes and incantations and spells, but no luck. I expect that 'select' can't be expected to behave differently so somehow the array needs to know to protect spaces in directory names. I'm fuzzified why protecting them with quotes doesn't do it.

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