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Announce of Zsh Navigation Tools

I would like to announce Zsh Navigation Tools, a set of utilities based on
the tool's main component – n-list, a zcurses based selection list
supporting ANSI coloring and incremental search. The utilities are:

- n-aliases - browses aliases, relegates editing to vared
- n-cd - browses dirstack and bookmarked directories, allows to enter
selected directory
- n-env - browses environment, relegates editing to vared
- n-functions - browses functions, relegates editing to zed or vared
- n-history - browses history, allows to edit and run commands from it
- n-kill - browses processes list, allows to send signal to selected process
- n-options - browses options, allows to toggle their state
- n-panelize - loads output of given command into the list for browsing
- n-preview - a demonstration of running two lists at the same time and of
ANSI colors - syntax highlighted source browser

On GitHub page there is a link to video:


The main idea behind the tools is that it is good to have navigation as
option side to completion.

Features not yet mentioned:
- initial grepping of what is browsed with "$1" given to utility
- making lists with non-selectable elements (to e.g. include headers in the
- counting of how much elements there are (even when there are headers)
- jumping over predefined positions in the list with '[', ']' keys (used to
jump to bookmarks in 'n-cd' and through signals in 'n-kill')
- rich keys close to those of 'less' (like g, G, ctrl-u, ctrl-d, ctrl-p,
ctrl-n, /, j, k, home, end, etc.)

The code uses curses and regex modules. It is clean thanks to Zsh's rich
available math syntax when variable is declared as integer. N-preview will
show colored syntax if there is program "highlight" installed on the system.

Best regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

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