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Re: autoload

On 09/17/2015 01:40 PM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
Yes, and the problem is that you've put .zwc files into the directories
in that hardcoded list, but then tried to use the hardcoded list to
(re)build yet another .zwc file.
But I didn't create those files. They're dated August 31 which seems to be common to most of the files in the distro as I downloaded it. Is this something to do with Debian?

I'm not really sure how further to explain this.  The sample code that
I provided takes EVERY DIRECTORY that's in (the default) $fpath and
packs ALL the files under them into ONE .zwc.
That's how I read it.

You on the other hand seem to have already built a separate .zwc out of EACH directory of the default $fpath. If you're using my example, you don't need to do that - you should throw all those .zwc away and use the single one that my
    sample builds.

I tried deleting all of them which resulted in ~/.zsh-default-functions.zwc
being created, but zero length and of course nothing worked. With original .zshrc code, things worked but a 'time' test was very slow, thus demonstrating the effectiveness of the .zwc idea itself (by it's absence, in this case). I restored the .zwc files and I'm back to normal. This seems to be a very tricky business. Perhaps not worth wasting your time on. It seems a shame that zcompile doesn't know not to trip over itself, one might expect to find a .zwc
file in the same dir as the files from which it was built.  Or not.

}       zcompile $zsh_default_functions $^fpath/*(N.:t)  << 't' being a
} new friend

} A different enemy, more like.

Sure, it was just experiment, I hardly expected it to be correct.

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