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Re: autoload

On Sep 19,  8:04am, Ray Andrews wrote:
} If I understand, you are saying that a .zwc can't be in the same dir
} as the files from which it was created?

No.  I'm saying that if fpath is a tree, (X X/Y X/Y/Z), having
function files at all levels of the tree, then a file X/Y/Z.zwc
containing all the functions from Z might be wrongly interpreted
as containing a single function named Z instead.

} autoload --functions-out /All-My-Functions/All-My-Functions.zwc
} autoload --functions-in  /All-My-Functions/All-My-Functions.zwc \
} /All-My-Functions/*

I don't understand your intended semantics of "out" and "in" here,
which argues against "expained in two minutes," but the point of
shell builtins is to provide building blocks for solutions like you
seem to be thinking of here.
} Sheesh, even Bart forgets how it works ...

Actually that's because I don't use it.  I'm nearly always either
running everything out of a development tree where I recompile zsh
(or pull new functions from git) sometimes multiple times a day,
or else running the same shell nonstop for weeks at a time without
ever restarting it.  There's no point in trying to keep a compiled 
bundle around if I'm never going to reference it.

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