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Re: not an error?

On 10/08/2015 12:22 PM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
Given the quotes, the only reason too many open braces is a problem is
when you are inside the syntax of ${...} where braces are significant.
As soon as a matching close-brace is found, double-quote context is
active again and braces cease to have meaning.

Right. Yeah, I know about the special nature of the ${} syntax, but as you say, once a closing brace is found, the following brace is just a character within the quotes. It bugs me how long it's taking me to stop thinking in C. Mind ... do you ever really need the outer quotes around an array like that? Without the quotes I get my error msg as I'd intuitively expect it, and it seems now that it's the quotes that are counterintuitive because ${} obviates them, no? In this case it seems only to hide the '}' error, still ... with the 'quote everything' rule I end up hardly
even seeing quotes anymore and it gets lazy, I'd like to use them to effect,
not just as a matter of course.

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