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"2004h" at the end of each prompt and "2004l" after pressing Enter on DragonFlyBSD console with zsh 5.1.1


I've just downloaded the DragonFlyBSD image from
started it inside kvm, installed zsh 5.1.1 with "pkg install zsh" and
started it.

I've set a very simple prompt inside ~/.zshrc:

PROMPT="%~ # "

But my prompt always looks like this:

~ # 2004h_

And if I press just Enter, it looks like this:

~ # 2004h2004l
~ # 2004h_

(Underscore shows where the cursor is.)

Even with "zsh -f" the prompt looks like this:

# 2004h_

With a little bit help of an internet search engine I found this
posting which suggests that this is related to the bracketed pasting:

Anyone an idea how I get rid of these prompt postfixes? There seems no
global zshrc or similar. (And the global zshrc wouldn't be involved
anyways since it also happens with "zsh -f".)

		Kind regards, Axel
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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author