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Re: subsitutions and beginning of lines.

On 10/12/2015 02:34 AM, Peter Stephenson wrote:

said of the manual.  Is there an update?
No, but nothing there has stopped being valid and there's little
fundamentally new on the subject (what you're asking about here
has been in the shell for most of its history, but subject to

I kind of stopped work on the guide when the book came along, but
actually at that point it was complete up to the sort of things I
thought it needed.  Anything more would depend a bit what the questions
were --- I suppose it would need some sort of specific project to
work through.
Yeah, I'm not too worried about it being obsolete, I just think it's the best doc I've come across and I'd hope it would be a going concern. I'm preferring it
to the book, even, mostly due to the fact that the former spends less time
digressing into other shells.  The Googleverse is a sad place when one is
looking for the best docs because it shows you everything.  Nice to find the
really best doc and trust it.  BTW, I figured out how/why it came to be that
I thought the Guide and the Manual were the same thing:  It's because they
show the same icon in a browser tab so I closed one at random, thinking
they were the same doc anyway and I guessed wrong.

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