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Re: Zsh wiki and spam

Andreas Kusalananda Kähäri wrote:
> I went through most (all?) pages and removed the spam (I'm the
> "kusalananda" user) only to have some of my edits immediately reverted
> by spammers ("justgerardz", "justgerrardz").

I've e-mailed the administrator of the wiki so hopefully he can block
those users. It's a constant battle and I don't think there are any easy

That reverting seems to be being done by some automated script bot. The
two similarly named accounts you list were even fighting each other over
a few pages - install:start for example.

I suspect this particular script is only capable of reverting back one
edit. A few months back I removed spam and improved a page as a single
edit and the script just reverted to the last spam page.

On some pages, I've just made two changes: first to revert the spam
and then add some arbitrary changes. I'm hoping that doing it as two
edits will stop it reverting the spam at least for a short while.

> Is the Wiki dead? In that case, maybe the reference to it should be
> removed from the manuals?

There's plenty of scope for the content to be improved but it isn't


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