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Re: easy calling of associative array?

On 11/04/2015 08:39 AM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
On Nov 4,  6:48am, Ray Andrews wrote:
} Historian that I am, I expect that if the writers of the first shells
} realized how far their work would evolve, they'd have introduced
} rigorous C-ish scoping and typing at the getgo, since largeish
} projects sure could use it.

Historically no one would have written that sort of project in shell;
that's what C was for.  Even functions are a bolt-on to the original
shells; there was no scoping to consider at the time.
Yeah, that's about what I was saying. Interesting how things evolve past what their body plans are really designed for (fruit bats, rhinoceros beetles, London street plan), and how those body plans adapt to cope with it. I do now quite understand that there is a limit to how big a zsh project should get to be. Still you know, will all these fantastic little build in manipulations that zsh can perform, one might long for something that combines that power with the robustness of C type checking and so on. Dunno, maybe that's Python or Ruby--haven't looked at them yet. But the experiments I'm doing now are cool, I've pretty much got data arrays being passed by what more or less amounts to a 'pointer' to look at it tho of course it ain't really a pointer, so it satisfies.

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