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Re: FYPI zsh 5.1.1 (cygwin) broke my .zshrc

Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

> That should be perfectly valid syntax, which makes me suspect
> something else is going awry that is accidentally fixed by introducing
> an additional close-paren.  It'd be instructive to look at "setopt
> verbose" or perhaps "setopt xtrace" output of the failing .zshrc, or
> you can try gradually removing bits of that .zshrc until you find the
> specific thing that's going wrong.

That's useful guidance. I know I do one tricky thing I've always been 
unhappy with : I use a nested alias to "duplicate" script sections, can't 
remember why an alias and not a function. (probably explains the line 
number being longer than my .zshrc) 


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