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Re: curiosity with here document.

On 11/26/2015 05:56 PM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
On Nov 26,  3:19pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} lesson learned.

Except it's the wrong lesson!
Well no, it is a lesson to be careful trying to use here-docs to comment blocks. As to why it goes off the rails, I was close to understanding it anyway--I'd expect legal code like that to have some sort of truth value, inconvenient as it may be. I'm not really surprised by the correct understanding.
     function three_commands {
	command1; command2; command3
     if three_commands; then ...
Sure, but in practice I don't think we see that sort of 'list' after an 'if' very often. It seems that only the truth value of the last statement is acted upon as far as any 'if-then' structure, so as I said, the original 'if' seems to be orphaned. So what? It's me put the parser into that strange position, I'm not bitchin', it did what it had to do. Don't want orphan tests? Don't make them.
And second, that [[ ... ]] is just a command like any other command,
it's not magically connected to "if".

That's the sort of fact that one might think one understands without really understanding it. I probably can't hardly help C-ing it the C way. I appreciate these deep corrections.
And third, that a here-document is just the standard input of the
command it follows, so

     : <<END
     some stuff

is (again for purposes of determining truth value) the same as


Yeah, I'm really not as thick as I seem about this. Wanting the 'comment' to be available at any point wasn't realistic. Not one of my better questions.

BTW, I wish there was a way of going back to the archives and deleting lousy questions, I'd sure cut out a pile of mine. Library of Babel.

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