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Do fake-always and ignored-patterns work together as documented?

Can someone give me a working example of the fake-always style combined
with ignored-patterns as described in the documentation?

     This works identically to the fake style except that the
     ignored-patterns style is not applied to it.  This makes it
     possible to override a set of matches completely by setting the
     ignored patterns to `*'.


torch% zstyle :completion::complete:foo:\* fake-always FOO BAR BAZ
torch% zstyle :completion::complete:foo:\* ignored-patterns \*    
torch% foo <TAB>
Completing file
aclocal.m4       config.h.in      Functions/       NEWS           
aczsh.m4         config.sub*      INSTALL          README         
autom4te.cache/  configure*       install-sh*      Scripts/       
BAR              configure.ac     LICENCE          Src/           
BAZ              CVS/             MACHINES         stamp-h        
ChangeLog        Doc/             Makefile.in      stamp-h.in     
Completion/      Etc/             META-FAQ         StartupFiles/  
Config/          FEATURES         Misc/            Test/          
config.guess*    FOO              mkinstalldirs*   Util/          

This seems to be because the default value for the completer style is
"_complete _ignored" but I would have expected to need _next_tags to
get the ignored files once the fake ones had been added by _complete.
I delete the fake-always style the ignored-patterns style works that
way on its own.

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