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Re: "Main menu" issue on initial run on zsh

On Dec 7,  5:28pm, Zachary Hill wrote:
} Sorry if the wording is a bit weird, wasn't sure how to explain the issue.
} If you just set the EDITOR environment variable to vim/vi and try to use
} the "main menu" to configure some the history settings, you should see what
} I mean.

You seem to be talking about the zsh-newuser-install function.

To be really thorough, this should define its own keymap, but for now:

diff --git a/Functions/Newuser/zsh-newuser-install b/Functions/Newuser/zsh-newuser-install
index 37c6029..e4028fd 100644
--- a/Functions/Newuser/zsh-newuser-install
+++ b/Functions/Newuser/zsh-newuser-install
@@ -512,7 +512,7 @@ $default_options[$match[2]])
 	print -r "Edit a value.  If it is left blank, nothing will be saved:"
-	if vared -p "$match[1]> " -h edval; then
+	if vared -M emacs -p "$match[1]> " -h edval; then
 	  # check this assignment doesn't produce multiple words
 	  # e.g. "HISTFILE=never rm -f ~" does produce multiple words...
 	  # this isn't perfect, e.g. "(this would get split on assignment)",

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