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Re: Announcement of Zsh Command Architect v1.0


On 08/01/16 10:33, Dominik Vogt wrote:
No more need for a mouse to copy parts of commands in history.
I never use the mouse for that (partially because the middle mouse
button is broken):

   (Move cursor to start of word to copy)
   Ctrl-Space (set mark)
   (Move cursor to start of word to copy)
   Ctrl-w (cut)
   (Move cursor to new location of the word)
   Ctrl-y (yank; insert cut buffer)

Or with the example from the video:

   # type
   mplayer -fs
   # noticed that I need a long word from the history, so comment
   # out the unfinished command line and store it in the history
   # look for the history line with the long word; the multi word
   # search would be helpful
   # Mark and cut the file name:
   <move cursor><ctrl-space><ctrl-f><ctrl-w>
   # abort editing
   # recall the unfinished command and insert the cut-buffer
   <cursor-up><ctrl-e> <ctrl-y>
   # remove comment and execute
zsh provides a lot of stuff that is really cool and I'm sure that you can do pretty much everything out of the box (with using the provided plugins). However I would have a hard time to remember all of the key shortcuts you're using because I don't use emacs. I know that you can use vi bindings for zle as well, but I'm not really used to it and therefore often just fall back to plain mouse select and copy.
Even after 8 years of using zsh, I'm still only scratching the surface of it.

So such a tool as presented for me would be quite cool because it seems to provide a quite intuitive approach to edit the command.

Best Regards,

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