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Re: Announcement of Zsh Command Architect v1.0

On Jan 8, 10:33am, Dominik Vogt wrote:
}   mplayer -fs
}   # noticed that I need a long word from the history, so comment
}   # out the unfinished command line and store it in the history
}   <ctrl-a>#<return>

This really shouldn't be necessary; ESC q (or Alt-q if properly bound)
to do push-line and then at the end ...

}   # recall the unfinished command and insert the cut-buffer
}   <cursor-up><ctrl-e> <ctrl-y>
}   # remove comment and execute
}   <ctrl-a><delete><return>

ESC g space ctrl-y return, should be sufficient.

} To me it appears that cases where a complicated part of a former
} history line needs to be copied and the same cannot easily be done
} with completion is quite rare.

The one thing completion can't do well is copy around multiple words
at once.  It's quite tightly bound to the idea that it's acting on a
single word -- even inside quotes it usually wants to work on the
whitespace-separated internal bits rather than on the whole quoted

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