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Re: Feature request (@M):# with context matches

Hi Sebastian,

I'm not sure what you want to do, but I my guts tells me that you want
to re-invent the wheel as you stated that you want to replace several
tools with ZSH. If you can achieve your goal by calling a GNU tool, you
should do that. These are mature tools and there is nothing wrong about
using them. (And it's certainly a benefit that you don't have to
maintain them.)

Calling "grep" is also more understandable by everyone than the pattern
you gave in your first email.

Best regards

> The idea is to confront Bash Advanced Scripting Guide coders, BASG
> coders for short. Every sed, awk, grep can be replaced by Zsh code.
> No
> need for `` / $() what Bash coders love (not all, could name at least
> one that doesn't, is present at #zsh IRC channel). However, grep -C
> is
> not very possible to replace with Zsh code. I plan to write
> Markdown/PDF  document where every GNU utility will be coded via
> native Zsh code, without forks, and the grep -C is one problem that I
> can perceive now.
> Best regards,
> Sebastian Gniazdowski

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