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Announcement of Zplugin ver. 300 commits

nearly 300 commits have been added to Zplugin. The project is about
tracing what plugins do. An answer to injecting naive *.plugin.zsh
code into session. The feature base is very large, but one example can
say much:

to use Oh-My-Zsh sessions, one needs their libs/git.zsh. Snippet
feature allows to source that code:

zplugin snippet http://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/raw/master/lib/git.zsh

Now it's possible to load most of OMZ themes. However, what has
actually happened during the source? The feature, Dtrace, allows to

% zplg dtrace
% zplugin snippet
% zplg dstop
% zplg dreport
Plugin report for _dtrace/_dtrace

Functions created:
git_commits_ahead git_current_branch
git_prompt_ahead  git_prompt_behind
git_prompt_info   git_prompt_long_sha
git_prompt_remote git_prompt_short_sha
git_prompt_status git_remote_status

Variables added or redefined:
POST_1_7_2_GIT  [     "" -> scalar ]

% zplg dunload
Deleting function git_commits_ahead
Deleting function git_current_branch
Deleting function git_prompt_ahead
Deleting function git_prompt_behind
Deleting function git_prompt_info
Deleting function git_prompt_long_sha
Deleting function git_prompt_remote
Deleting function git_prompt_short_sha
Deleting function git_prompt_status
Deleting function git_remote_status
Deleting function parse_git_dirty
Unsetting variable POST_1_7_2_GIT
dtrace report saved to $LASTREPORT

That's what Zplugin does. Tracks and reports, and unloads – zstyles,
bindkeys, aliases, zle widgets, PATH and FPATH elements, options,
variables. Plugins are tracked without Dtrace, it's their standard
mode of operation, unless "light" load is done, provided for trusted
code loading (like z-sy-h ;) and saving few CPU cycles. Naive code
cannot survive Zplugin eyes, hopefully. Tested 43 plugins and few OMZ
themes (some of them don't work because they use git _plugin_, that's
OMZ issue that they don't provide enough in lib/git.zsh).


Best regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

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