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Re: Bug in bracketed-paste-magic

[Aside: zsh-users is propagated to zsh-workers, so there's no need to send
separate messages to each.]

On Feb 13,  5:18pm, Eric Freese wrote:
} [...] It seems to me this is a bug
} in bracketed-paste-magic- that it should be using the `-w` flag to set
} $WIDGET and associated parameters when invoking a possibly user-defined
} widget. Would adding the `-w` flag here possibly break anything else?

Good catch.

} I'm not very familiar with the best way to get this patched

Mailing a diff to this list is the usual way, but you've succeeded. :-)

} The relevant github issue for my plugin:
} https://github.com/tarruda/zsh-autosuggestions/issues/102

The initial description there sounds exactly like the problem we had
with multi-byte input and "zle -U".  Any idea what user-defined widget
caused the problem?

} P.S. Another concern (though it's really a separate issue) is the `zle
} undo` later in the file. Shouldn't that be `zle .undo` to avoid any
} potential problems arising from the `undo` widget being overridden by a
} user-defined widget?

Seems reasonable.

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