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reverse-menu-complete re-starting completion on 5.2?

If, from zsh -f, I run

    bindkey -v $'\t' menu-complete
    bindkey -v $'\e\t' reverse-menu-complete

And my pwd contains the directories a<1-5>, then if I type "cd a<TAB>" and
keep on hitting tab, I'll cycle forward through the directories, and then
if I hit alt-tab, I'll start cycling backwards.  So far, so good; that's
the behavior I want.

If I then run

    autoload -Uz compinit
    compinit -i

and try the same experiment, I can cycle forward through the directories
just fine, but when I switch into reverse, it takes whatever directory is
on the command line and starts completing its subdirectories backwards.
Absolutely not what I want.

This worked just fine in 5.0.7, and doesn't in 5.2.  Is there some
configuration I missed between the two?  Or is there something broken in


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author