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Re: Extended globbing seems to have become much slower in recent versions of Zsh

On Mar 1, 12:39pm, Jesper Nygards wrote:
} Here's another run with your supplied patterns. I hope I didn't
} misunderstand how you wanted me to use the SECONDS variable.

Close enough.

} In any case, as you can see below, the globbing more or less takes the same
} time for the simple patterns, but as soon as I introduce the exclusions,
} the 5.2 version is around six times slower than the 5.0.5 version.

That tends to point to changes in pattern matching rather than globbing
(related but distinct operations), but can you also try it with

    : pattern-goes-here

instead of

    myfiles=( pattern-goes-here )

??  I'd like to factor out the contributions of memory management for the
array assignment.  I ran a couple of quick local tests and with assignment
there are about 50% more calls to malloc in the current git head than in
5.0.5, but without assignment there are slightly fewer in current.

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