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Converting absolut symlinks to relative ones...?


following "problem":

At some point in a directory tree there is a file (the reference), 
which is physically copied multiple times into that
tree below that point at different nesting depths.

I want to create a script which will find those files
(already done) and replace those files with a symlink to the
reference file.

Since I dont know of a simple way to calculate the "difference"
of two absolute paths to create a relative path to the reference from the point of
view of its current copy, I came across the idea to create symlinks
with absolute paths to the reference in a first step and hope that there is a
zsh/system/linux utility which will create relative symlinks afterwards...

This idea has one drawback: I dont know of such an utility... ;)

Is there such an utility or is there even an utility which magically do that all
in one turn?

Thank you very much in advance for any help!
Best regards,

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