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bracketed-paste & gnome-terminal

I know there's been a lot of change in the bracketed-paste area recently,
but I don't recall seeing anything about this, and I've long since deleted
those emails.  I hope this is new ground, but maybe not.

I've upgraded to zsh 5.2 on my Solaris system.  Everything works fine for
me -- pastes into the terminal are highlighted as expected.  But if I use
gnome-terminal instead of xterm, then the bracket codes show up on the
commandline: e[200~copymee[201~.  Unsetting zle_bracketed_paste works
around the problem, but it's not clear to me what's going on that it's
broken.  I'm assuming it's an issue with gnome-terminal (or libvte), but I
didn't find any associated bugs on the gnome bugzilla.

FWIW, the terminal is, I think, rather old: 2.30.2.  The vte library is
0.26.2.  So it might be a sign of extreme age more than anything else, and
I believe we're working on upgrading those components, but in case there's
anything that zsh could/should do about this, I thought I'd ask.


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