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Re: Problem after upgrade from 4.3 to 5.2

Henrik Johansson wrote:
> After upgrade of zsh I got a problem with completion.
> In this example I write 'ls -l .z<TAB>
> server.user 1045> ls -l .zenable: printer "-p" non-existent

There's a name clash for "enable" / "disable" between the shell builtins
and external commands for enabling/disabling printers.

> The solution seems to be an update to /etc/zshrc, I commented the 
> following line:
> disable enable disable
> What was the purpose of 'disable enable disable', what are we missing now?

You probably had that there so that typing enable or disable would
get you the external commands instead of the builtins. That line
disables the builtins. So if you remove that line, you'll have to type
/bin/enable explicitly to enable printers.

I'm not quite sure what the completion system is running enable for but
it probably ought to check $builtins[enable] to check for this
situation. You're probably not the only person to have the disabled

I've also run into problems with completion relying on pushd in one
place as I disable (and replace) pushd.


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