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Use of variables in the <x-y> globbing mechanism

It would be very useful if the <x-y> globbing mechanism would work with variables. I can't get it to work. If it only accepts numeric constants, nothing can be done, but it would be an elegant solution to my problem of taking a slice of files out of a larger group for processing in a batch file.

I am trying to do this: ( Where the Src FName Patter SFNPAT gives the fname prefix and fname extension and the <01-15> specifies which slice of files to get.
# The from_number and to_number are read in from a list of files to process
    and injected between a filename pattern's prefix and extension.

   for file in ${SFNPAT:r}-<${from_number}-${to_number}>.${SFNPAT:e}
          # processing goes here

When I try the above script, I am greeted with a " parse error near `<'" error message. This can be done otherways, I just wanted to know if the <X-Y> form could be used in some way to acheive this.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author