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Re: how to revert tab completion order in _arguments or _describe

On 30.04.2016 02:46, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> Paul Seyfert wrote on Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 16:55:57 +0200:
>> One drawback though is that I'm usually most interested in the latest
>> version number but the menu completion starts with the oldest version
>> number (i think it's alphabetically ordered). Is there a way to tell the
>> _describe in the (listversions) state to cycle through the options in a
>> specific order? (actually i'm not bound to stick to _describe there, any
>> other function would be fine, too)
> Yes.  The option to show completions in the order given is either -J or
> -V (I don't remember which); both of them are documented under the
> 'compadd' builtin.

Thanks for the pointer,
-V keeps the original order (and then I realised that the original list
wasn't fully sorted so I added a `sort -r` to the pipe)

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