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weird behaviour

I noticed recently that when I <tab> to complete zsh doubles the first letter of the command eg:
% cd T <tab> expands to TV - as expected and the expansion works as normal - unless there are more than one choice when it does this
% ccd /TV/TV/ARROW/  with the multiple dirs shown below as expected
This doesn't affect the command at all, and if I backspace I can't remove the first 'c', and if I then hit <enter> nothing happens ie as if the command 'c' isn't there.
I'm using 5.0.7 (Debian 8) in urvxt. I also tested in xterm and get the same result, strangely it doesn't happen on a console. I tried zsh -l in urxvt and get the same double letter result, but in xterm it is fine!  Running a bare "compinit" without any extras doesn't make any difference. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm baffled :-/

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author