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Re: sudo user-command-1; also-sudoed-command-2

"Nikolay Aleksandrovich Pavlov (ZyX)"
<kp-pav@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Where is `ll` alias defined?

OK, now I see where all this is heading!

The reason you said my solution is faster is
because with this solution, the user stuff is
loaded each time!

I have as of today 44 zsh files and even tho
the extra time for loading them can be
tolerated as time considered, it opens the door
for all kinds of problems associated with the
this process, which will be repeated perhaps in
the middle of work *changing* that process
(i.e., the zsh user files).

So no, this idea I don't like.

I just want

    $ zudo a; b; c

to be syntax sugar for

    $ sudo a; sudo b; sudo c

But to answer your question:

The alias is defined at line 21 in


which is loaded at line 140 in


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