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A project to make screensaver out of Turing's morphogenesis

Zsh has floating point numbers, so it was possible to implement
Turing's morphogenesis in it:


I believe the images have special aesthetics because they resemble how
life is formed. Would be nice to have such a shell screen saver. For
example, on one my FreeBSD machine vt doesn't ever blank. But I don't
have experience with such software. It's nice to say "shell
screensaver", but:
- it should run only on active terminal (thought about remembering
last active terminal in a /tmp file via precmd)
- should run after some time (sched, will it play nice?)

Would anyone want to participate? To implement:
- 256 color terminals with reasonable color picking
- screensaver like behavior
- optimization, maybe Euler method isn't best for this, code is quite slow
- other algorithms or different parameters for, or variations of morphogenesis
- use of alternate screen to not flood terminal


Best regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author