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Announce of Zekyll v0.3, Jekyll for Zshrc and dotfiles

quick start: create a file ~/.zekyllfile:

user psprint
zkl vega_sirius_software_zsh_linux_z3kyll

run ~/zekyll, and have your .zshrc generated (~/.zshrc_new to be
exact). From what? Files taken from psprint/zkl github repository:
- file "ve"
- file "ga"
- etc.

What's the point? Sharing. It's easy to introduce snippet from other user:

zkl psprint:vega_sirius_software
zkl someone:ab
zkl psprint:zsh_linux_z3kyll

Other point? On new machine, one has to do only two steps. Install zekyll with:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL

(I have domain zekyll.org this will be shorter). And then create
~/.zekyllfile with an easy to type phrase. Maybe even easy to
remember, for sure easy to carry in wallet written on a paper.

Zekyll works with any dot file. Here are advantages of static page
generation (with Jekyll like software) deceptively translated to dot
file word:

No backend
Dot files are often "backends", they're not used directly. Yes, one
can have dot files commited to Github, but on each installation
changes are rather introduced.

No moving parts
When sharing dot files, it's a situation when one has to track down
desired snippet in someone's large dot file, adapt it and store. Here
it will be different. The snippets will be broadly available. If
someone will decide to share a snippet that binds key "^t", he can
easily choose to provide version that binds key "^f". For 36
characters (26 latin letters, 10 digits; every zykell is two character
string) there are 1296 options to choose from. Let's share snippet
under name ab, then ac, who cares. So you will be able to directly
incorporate someone's carefully prepared for share dot file's snippet.


As for "aren't the strings supposed to be nicely sounding". They will
be. I'm counting on creativity of users. And it's easy. Collisions are
rare and easy to resolve. I have following zykells that constitute
zshrc and vimrc (https://github.com/psprint/zkl)
ft ga hl im in ky ll my ne ng r1 rc re ri si so st us ux ve wa wv z3 zs

And they have strings embedded:

How to manage the files? via command zekyll-create. It creates a new
set of zykells from entered string, and checks for collisions:

Command zekyll-regenerate transforms given string to a new one. So
having messy string "ab12xy" one can transform it into "niceone". And
still, messy strings fit into wallet well, and too can be remembered,
and are in many ways better than cloning a repo, forgetting or
carrying a pen drive, manually altering, googling, etc.

I decided to share this early because I'm curious for opinions and
ideas. Any thoughts?


Best Regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

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