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Global array actually not available


In code, I declare reply2 and reply3 as arrays via typeset -ga. I do
this from inside of a function. When the code returns to outer scope,
(t)reply2 and (t)reply3 show empty strings. The following lines start
at line 293 in lib/script_functions:

    typeset -ga reply2 reply3
    echo "T1 ${(t)reply} T2 ${(t)reply2} T3 ${(t)reply3}"
    reply=( "${existing[@]}" )
    reply2=( "${files[@]}" )
    reply3=( "${sections[@]}" )

This is inner scope. The outer scope (line 1148 in zsh-select-zekyll) does:

    filter_for_existing_zekylls "${zekylls[@]}"
    three_to_section_order "${#reply}" "${reply[@]}" "${reply2[@]}"

    echo "t1 ${(t)reply} t2 ${(t)reply2} t3 ${(t)reply3}"
    local -a existing files sections
    existing=( "${reply[@]}" )
    files=( "${reply2[@]}" )
    sections=( "${reply3[@]}" )

    echo "existing count: ${#existing}, files count: ${#files},
sections count: ${#sections}"

t1-t3 show empty string. Assigning ${reply2[@]} to files=( ... ) cause
the variable files to contain one mysterious element – it is empty,

To run the code first download zekyll, the investigation branch:

it has to be unpacked to ~/.zekyll, final directory "zekyll", so full
path ~/.zekyll/zekyl. One can also use install script:

    wget https://github.com/psprint/zekyll/blob/master/install.sh
    sh ./install.sh

Next, one also needs a zkl repository available under
~/.zekyll/repos/{the-zkl-repo} or somewhere else (the path below after
-mp must match). It can be downloaded from:


After that, simply run command:

zkview -mp "/Users/sgniazdowski/github/zkl.git" --zkl

Errorneous output will be created:

Read: aaaaabaacaadaaeaafaagaahaaiaajaakaalaamaanaaoaap

Checking current zekyll for duplicates...

T1  T2 array T3 array
-> aaa.A--Mainly_Exports
-> aab.A--Setopts_all
-> aad.B--Autoloads_tools_binds
-> aac.C--Bindkeys
-> aaf.D--Old_functions
-> aae.E--Aliases_all
-> aag.F--Tools_functions
-> aah.F--Other_functions
-> aaj.F--Off
-> aai.G--Hack
-> aak.H--Zplugin
-> aal.H--Zsh_navigation_tools
-> aam.I--Zstyles
-> aap.J--Completion
-> aan.K--Prompt_selection_final_setup
-> aao.L--Very_final
t1  t2  t3
existing count: 1, files count: 1, sections count: 1

Best regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

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