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Re: [PATCH] improve :A docs (was: Re: Next release (5.3))

Daniel Shahaf wrote on Sun, Jul 17, 2016 at 14:59:31 +0000:
> Peter Stephenson wrote on Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 10:32:33 +0100:
> > I suggest we focus on improving the documentation of :A,

:a too.

diff --git a/Doc/Zsh/expn.yo b/Doc/Zsh/expn.yo
index c6e7b6f..7e78869 100644
--- a/Doc/Zsh/expn.yo
+++ b/Doc/Zsh/expn.yo
@@ -219,9 +219,12 @@ noted.
 Turn a file name into an absolute path:  prepends the current directory,
-if necessary, and resolves any use of `tt(..)' and `tt(.)' in the path.
-Note that the transformation takes place even if the file or any
-intervening directories do not exist.
+if necessary; remove `tt(.)' path segments; and remove `tt(..)' path segments
+and the segments that immediately precede them.
+This transformation is agnostic of the filesystem: `tt(/foo/bar/../baz)' shall
+always be transformed to `tt(/foo/baz)', regardless of whether `tt(/foo)'
+exists or what kind of object (dir, file, symlink, etc.) it is.
 As `tt(a)', but also resolve use of symbolic links where possible.

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