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Re: How is it guaranteed that zle is active during sched call?

On 11 September 2016 at 20:06, Peter Stephenson
<p.w.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It's not guaranteed that zle will be active during a sched call.
> Sched is generally handled as part of the pre-prompt functions; there is
> no intended linkage between this and zle.  Any interaction is not
> thought out (to my knowledge --- and sched is an old function that
> hasn't been tinkered with for a long time, I think).

That for a moment sounded scary as if sched wouldn't be considered
important. I just finished initial version of a Zconvey plugin. It
integrates multiple Zsh sessions and will serve as a base for other
plugin that will make all this semi-graphical. I use sched to pull a
flock-guarded text file, to see if there are commands to run. You said
Zle isn't thought to be working with Sched but the miraculous ioctl(
0, TIOCSTI, c ); saved me totally, everything works, I can update
command line from Sched:


Maybe Sched could be revisited a little and pulled up to work with
Zle, .kill-buffer at least?

Best regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

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