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Re: ZLE_LINE_ABORTED: how to restore the last non-blank aborted line?

On 09/29/2016 12:12 AM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On Sep 27,  9:11pm, Hong Xu wrote:
> }
> } ZLE_LINE_ABORTED would turn empty if ^C is pressed on an empty line
> } disregarding what it was. This is annoying since sometimes auto
> } completion stuck and more than one ^C is used to cancel that.
> } 
> } Is there any way to preserve it in this case in zsh?
> Can you give a more specific example?  Normally any buffer preceding
> the line on which the abort occurred is already in the history and can
> be recalled with up-line-or-history et al.; ZLE_LINE_ABORTED is only
> needed to capture lines that haven't yet been added to history.

Sure. For example,

    emacs path/to/some/file

Now assume that the tab completion stucks at this point and the user
accidentally presses two ^C to cancel that. Now, ZLE_LINE_ABORTED is
empty but the user would prefer to restore the line "emacs


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