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Re: man pages aren't updated

Han Pingtian wrote on Tue, Nov 01, 2016 at 11:46:38 +0800:
> I just noticed that some man page, such as zshexpn, isn't updated after
> a new git pull & make. If I clone a new git repo, then looks like all
> man pages' size are zero. Not sure what's wrong. 

Works for me.  Looking at the relevant Doc/Makefile.in targets, an empty
file is what I'd expect if the $(YODL) macro is not a functioning yodl
program.  (They use «> $$target».)  What's the value of $(YODL) on your
system?  Does that program exist and work?

% git clone --reference ~/src/zsh git://git.code.sf.net/p/zsh/code
% cd code/
% Util/preconfig
% ./configure -q
% make -sC Doc
% zstat +size Doc/*.1 
Doc/zsh.1 17530
Doc/zshall.1 17618
Doc/zshbuiltins.1 131224
Doc/zshcalsys.1 39388
Doc/zshcompctl.1 28558
Doc/zshcompsys.1 233061
Doc/zshcompwid.1 51383
Doc/zshcontrib.1 198013
Doc/zshexpn.1 127663
Doc/zshmisc.1 101441
Doc/zshmodules.1 161653
Doc/zshoptions.1 71476
Doc/zshparam.1 70826
Doc/zshroadmap.1 8147
Doc/zshtcpsys.1 36940
Doc/zshzftpsys.1 30988
Doc/zshzle.1 107346

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