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Re: Long Prompt Lines Cause Terminal History Loss on Window Resize

On Oct 31,  1:45pm, Aaron U'Ren wrote:
} Does anyone know why long prompt lines and window resizing causes lines of
} terminal history to be removed?

This is terminal-specific behavior; older xterm reformats the scrollback
itself to fit into the narrow window and then never widens it again.  In
Gnome terminal the last line of the previous prompt gets overwritten but
the scrollback above the first line of the first long prompt is left alone
(although it extends the window with blank lines below the prompt as the
window is enlarged again, so you have to scroll up to see the previous
screen; but it's not lost.)

Questions about why terminals act oddly/differently when text is printed
to the lower right corner have just about risen to the level of needing a
FAQ entry ...

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