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Re: hostname completion for ssh / scp

On Nov 5,  9:55am, Fourhundred Thecat wrote:
} I believe, getent hosts only returns hosts which have ip address
} specified in /etc/hosts

Well, yes.  The syntax of the /etc/hosts file is first an IP and then
a hostname.  Somebody will possibly correct me, but I don't recall
any valid use of /etc/hosts that has lines of host names without IPs.

} > If getent isn't returning anything useful, you can replace it:
} > 
} > zstyle ':completion:*:hosts' command 'cat /etc/hosts'
} I would like to keep the completion from ~/.ssh/config and add
} completion from /etc/hosts.

This shouldn't change the behavior with respect to ~/.ssh/config
because that's read in _ssh_hosts rather than in _hosts where the
style above applies.

_hosts reads ~/.ssh/known_hosts whether or not the program named by
the command style returns anything.

However, ~/.ssh/config will be skipped if the users-hosts tag finds
any matching hosts, which is likely to happen if you are starting
from a blank word, because users-hosts calls _hosts which will look
in known_hosts.  If you start with a prefix on the line that matches
a host in ~/.ssh/config and does NOT match one in ~/.ssh/known_hosts,
you should get a completion.

} > Note there have been several other fixes/improvements to ssh host-gathering
} > since zsh 5.0.
} can I simply copy Unix/_ssh from zsh 5.0. and use it on zsh 4.3.17 ?

I don't think so (you'd need at least _hosts as well) but in any case
it wouldn't change anything because even 5.0+ is not expecting you to
have just dumped a bunch of bare host names into /etc/hosts like that.

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