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How to disable Windows style completion cycling?

I’ve recently switched from bash to zsh, and generally it’s been a positive experience, except for the fact that I can’t work out how to switch off the Windows style cycling of completions when you press <tab>.  I much prefer bash’s refusal to guess, where it only completes any unambiguous part of the match and does nothing else except show options.

I’m currently trying with a fresh install of zsh on OSX using homebrew, with an empty .zshrc.

I’ve tried setting (and unsetting) MENU_COMPLETE, and other options from the completion section of setopt.  

I’ve tried using zstyle and setting `zstyle ':completion:*' menu no-select`

I’ve tried running through zsh-newuser-install and exploring the options in there to see if there was anything that would switch it off.

If anyone has got any tips on how to turn it off, or good terms that I should be googling, I’d be very grateful.  (I’m slightly hampered in that I don’t know the correct term for it, so it’s hard to google).



Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author