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Re: vi mode reset

Christian Brabandt wrote:
> However, since the upgrade I noticed that my zsh resets vi mode, on 
> various occasions, but I cannot reproduce exactly when exactly this 

What exactly do you mean by "resets vi mode". Switches to command/normal
mode without your having pressed escape, perhaps? Many key combinations
send a sequence of characters starting with an escape so zsh may be
mis-interpreting that.

> happens. I think this usually happens either if I am pasting something 
> into the terminal (using putty from Windows and pasting using 
> <shift><insert> keys) or running Vim.

Sounds like possibly an effect of the bracketed paste feature. You can
disable that with: unset zle_bracketed_paste

It'd be better to understand how it is coming to fail for you. Perhaps
your terminal has a different bracketed paste mode. Or perhaps you've
removed the key binding for it. Do you perhaps clear a range of key
bindings in your .zshrc? What does this show?:
  bindkey -L |grep 200 

What do you see if you press Ctrl-V before pasting text?

Do you perhaps have some other safe-paste or bracketed-paste plugin from
elsewhere. Are you using something like oh-my-zsh or prezto?


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