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trapped in bash

So I'm setting up a new machine with Debian 64 (using Debian 32 still on old machine) and I'm thinking to just copy over my whole zsh install from here to there and ... nope ... I 'cd' to where the binary is and type 'zsh' and bash reports that it can't find the file. Copy it to '/bin' and it still can't find it. Even the desperate '. ./zsh' reports 'cannot execute binary file'. I hope to gawd that an apt-get install of zsh would work, but I'd like to use my existing setup exactly as is. Do I have to rebuild? I'm new with 64 bit issues, whatever they may happen to be, but I thought a 64 bit environment could always run 32 bit apps. Or have I forgotten something simple? Meanwhile I'm trapped in the pre-fire age of bash out of the box. Even 'ls -l' doesn't work, filenames only. They say that suffering purifies the soul ;-)


    _array=( ${(f)_variable} )
    _count=$#_array   # Count the number of lines.

Can that be simplified? I don't need the _array, just the _count. Of course there are any number of utilities to count lines, but I mean the simplest zsh way, although the above is nicely self-explanatory.

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