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Re: 5.3.1

On 21/12/16 04:12 PM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
On Dec 21,  3:53pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} Subject: Re: 5.3.1
}      name=zsh/curses modfile=Src/Modules/curses.mdd link=dynamic
} auto=yes load=yes
} but every time I run configure, it puts it back to stock

Yes, you need to (in this order)

edit config.modules

I keep an edited copy of config.modules named config.modules.local
so the "edit config.modules" step becomes

cp config.module.local config.modules

No luck Bart. Did it exactly so except :

    ./configure --prefix=/aWorking/zsh-5.3.1/Build

... which I trust should be ok. And it's always worked before. However it did not overwrite the file so, that's progress.

Did you try zmodload zsh/curses ?

    $ /aWorking/zsh-5.3.1 6$ zmodload zsh/curses
zsh: failed to load module `zsh/curses': /aWorking/zsh-5.3.1/Build/lib/zsh/5.3.1/zsh/curses.so: undefined symbol: COLORS

  If you have 47 tests passing with
only one skipped, the module probably is built and is linkable, unless
that IS the one that got skipped (for me it's always zsh/pcre skipped).

But these are found:


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