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Re: regression: zsh completion stopped working after upgrading zsh 5.2=>5.3

Timothee Cour wrote on Tue, Dec 27, 2016 at 21:20:38 -0500:
> Not intending to start a sterile flame war here, just my opinion:

If you want the zsh project to start using a bug tracker, it'd be a lot
more productive to ask the developers what their requirements are than
to start advocating github/gitlab.

For one, I assume we won't consider a bug tracker that doesn't have
bidirectional email integration with this mailing list.  (to minimise
workflow disruption)



> * github/gitlab are widely used so no particular signup would be needed
> * using github.gitlab, ppl can click on Watch to follow/unfollow individual
> issues or all of zsh issues to choose how much email from github they
> receive
> * it would lower the barrier of entry to enter bugs, ie get bugs fixed
> faster
> * all benefits of bug tracker as opposed to mailling list [tracking bugs,
> cross references, search etc]
> * avoids revealing your email address
> * this has been adoped by https://github.com/zsh-users [Zsh community
> projects (not directly affiliated with the zsh project)] probably for a
> combination of the above reasons

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