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Unable to build zsh with pcre on Mac Homebrew

This might very well be a Homebrew issue, but I'm posting here in the hope
that someone else might have found a solution. I have trouble building zsh
with included pcre support on recent versions of Homebrew.

I have previously always installed brew zsh with the pcre option, but the
Homebrew project this Fall decided to remove all configuration options from
their core packages, and it's thus no longer possible to install zsh with
the pcre option on without editing the formula. However, although I have
tried editing the formula, something doesn't work in the install process.

I have done a "brew edit zsh", and then added the line ' "--enable-pcre", '
to the configure options. Then I ran "brew install --build-from-source
--verbose zsh".  I can see from the output that configure is run with
"--enable-pcre", but later in the log I see this:

checking for pcre_compile... no

checking for pcre_study... no

checking for pcre_exec... no

So I assume something is preventing the build from finding the pcre
libraries, although the configure script has been run with such support.

I have both pcre and pcre2 installed:

pcre              8.42

pcre2             10.32

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

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