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Fwd: Plugins

I've made some small mistakes in the text and in the attached file
`zplugin-section.txt', I'm re-sending-now with the noticed bugs fixed:
(PS1.: the thing consumed an 80 minutes of mine, but here it goes, I
hope I'll reuse it someday).

(PS2.: When searching for a new plugin, check out the EVALUATED (not
standard) version of the unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins/ list:
– it will help you active, work-invested plugins that are worth


I'm using over 22 plugins (the ones above-#22 being a git extensions
loaded as plugins, but they're included in the attached
zplugin-section.txt file), loaded by Zplugin in Turbo mode (so
till-prompt time, i.e. zsh startup time, is ≤ 110 ms, tested now with
`repeat 5 { time /usr/local/bin/zsh-5.6.2-dev-1 -i -c exit }', first
cache-unwarmed, OSX-typical–after-pause–in–use–lagging results were ≤
777 ms):

1. zplugin load zdharma/zsh-unique-id              # assigns unique
identification of the current Zsh session, both numeric in $ZUID_ID
(== e.g. "5") and textual in $ZUID_CODENAME (== .e.g "proxima")

2. zplugin snippet OMZ::lib/git.zsh                # for some prompts
to work, and also to keep in touch with OMZ-"ideas"

3. zplugin load zdharma/zconvey                    # for
inter-shell-talking via `zc-all' {command-to-send-to-other-zshells).
See: https://asciinema.org/a/156726

4. zplugin load zdharma/zredis                     # for
Zshell-variable-per Redis-db-key binding, e.g. to share variables
between machines, also across network

5. zplugin light zservices/redis                   # A zplugin
service, which runs Redis database in background of one Zsh session,
moving to an other session if the current is closed

6. zplugin load psprint/zsh-editing-workbench      # some edition
bindings, like Alt-m to copy the shell-word on the left (see:

7. zplugin load psprint/zsh-navigation-tools       # for n-options and
for Fast-Syntax-Highlighting tests – for editing of the large (10kB)
function `n-history' in `zed -f', i.e. `zed -f n-history'

8. zplugin load zdharma/history-search-multi-word  # a better
zsh-navigation-tools's n-history - a syntax highlighted history, with
support for searching for term1 (AND) term2 (AND) ..., i.e. for terms
used in AND-fashion. See https://asciinema.org/a/155704.

9. zplugin load psprint/zprompts                   # a few prompts of mine

10. zplugin load halfo/lambda-mod-zsh-theme        # a theme, loaded
in turbo mode (see the complete invocation in the attached Zplugin
section of ~/.zshrc)

11. zplugin load ergenekonyigit/lambda-gitster     # theme, loaded like
the above, i.e. 8th

12. zplugin load geometry-zsh/geometry             # a theme, loaded
like the 8th plugin above

13. zplugin load sindresorhus/pure # a theme, loaded like the 8th plugin above

14. zplugin load ~/github2/agkozak-zsh-prompt      # atheme that I was
developing, loaded from local disk-copy (i.e. `~/github2/agkozak....'
– i.e. a local path passed to zplugin), like tha bove 8th plugin

15. zplugin load zdharma/zui                       # a TUI libraries,
I sometimes use its `zui-demo-nmap' to run the network scanner `nmap'

16. zplugin load zdharma/zplugin-crasis            # zplugin's Textual
User Interface (i.e. a TUI)

17. zplugin load ~/gitlab/zsh-tag-search.git       # A history-search
with tags support, available only to patrons

18. zplugin load voronkovich/gitignore.plugin.zsh # Provides `gii'
command that appens given .gitignore templates into this file; use
case is e.g.: `cd github2/zplugin; gii vim' # append vim-helper-files
to .gitignore'

19. zplugin load zsh-users/zsh-autosuggestions     # the
after-prompt-text automatic fish-like suggestions

20. zplugin load zdharma/fast-syntax-highlighting  # fork of
zsh-users/zsh-syntax-highlighting – an extended version of it

21. zplugin load psprint/fsh-auto-themes       # a per-directory theme
assigning plugin – e.g. doing `echo safari >|
~/github/zplugin.git/.fsh-theme' having the syntax-highlighting theme
automatically switched when entering and when leaving this directory
(i.e.`~/github/zplugin.git'). Available only to patrons

22. zplugin load zdharma/zsh-diff-so-fancy     # an extension for Git
– advanced diff tool, produces much more information-rich and readable

Al the `zplugin load ...' calls should be preceded by an `zplugin ice
...' call – THE ATTACHED zplugin-section.txt from my `~/.zshrc has
them included.

On Mon, 7 Jan 2019 at 22:57, Hoji, Akihiko <akh22@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> In the ever expanding universe of ZSH plug-ins, I am curious to see what plugins  ZSH users are using, particularly from those who run ZSH under OSX and Linux bistros so that I can incorporate them.  I do a bit of Python, Java, Ruby, and R scripting, and remote (clusters) and local machine management …etc.
> Thanks.
> AH

Sebastian Gniazdowski
News: https://twitter.com/ZdharmaI
IRC: https://kiwiirc.com/client/chat.freenode.net:+6697/#zplugin
Blog: http://zdharma.org
# 1/
zplugin load zdharma/zsh-unique-id

# 2/
zplugin ice wait"0" lucid
zplugin snippet OMZ::lib/git.zsh

# 3/
zplugin ice wait"0" silent
zplugin load zdharma/zconvey

# 4/
zplugin ice pick"cmds/zc-bg-notify" as"command" wait"0" silent
zplugin load zdharma/zconvey

# 5/ (fixed a mistake found in previous version of this file)
# The atload'' hook is ran after loading of the plugin, and it
# lazy-binds Zshell parameter `$rdhash' to zredis db #5 main
# hash-like access to string fields in the main namespace
zplugin ice wait'1' atload'ztie -d db/redis -a -P $HOME/.zredisconf -zSL main rdhash' lucid
zplugin load zdharma/zredis

# 6/ (fixed a mistake found in previous version of this file)
zplugin ice service"redis" lucid wait"1"
zplugin light zservices/redis

# 7/
zplugin ice wait"0" lucid
zplugin load psprint/zsh-editing-workbench

# 8/
zplugin ice wait"0" lucid
zplugin load psprint/zsh-navigation-tools   # for n-history

# 9/
zplugin ice wait"1" lucid
zplugin load zdharma/history-search-multi-word

# 10/
zplugin ice load'![[ $MYPROMPT = 1 ]]' unload'![[ $MYPROMPT != 1 ]]' atload'!promptinit; typeset -g PSSHORT=0; prompt sprint3' lucid
zplugin load psprint/zprompts

# 10/
zplugin ice load'![[ $MYPROMPT = 2 ]]' unload'![[ $MYPROMPT != 2 ]]' lucid
zplugin load halfo/lambda-mod-zsh-theme

# 11/
zplugin ice load'![[ $MYPROMPT = 3 ]]' unload'![[ $MYPROMPT != 3 ]]' lucid
zplugin load ergenekonyigit/lambda-gitster

# 12/
#zplugin ice load'![[ $MYPROMPT = 4 ]]' unload'![[ $MYPROMPT != 4 ]]' atload"prompt_geometry_render" lucid
#zplugin load geometry-zsh/geometry

# 12/
# Development version of the geometry plugin - helping jedahan making a new geometry release
zplugin ice load'![[ $MYPROMPT = 4 ]]' unload'![[ $MYPROMPT != 4 ]]' atload"geometry::clear_title; geometry::prompt; geometry::rprompt" lucid ver"mnml"
zplugin load jedahan/geometry

# 13/
zplugin ice ice load'![[ $MYPROMPT = 5 ]]' unload'![[ $MYPROMPT != 5 ]]' \
             multisrc"{async,pure}.zsh" pick"/dev/null" idas"pure-prompt"
zplugin load sindresorhus/pure

# 14/
zplugin ice ice load'![[ $MYPROMPT = 6 ]]' unload'![[ $MYPROMPT != 6 ]]' lucid
zplugin load agkozak/agkozak-zsh-theme

# select initially activated theme (geometry, `myprompt' idx:4)

# 15/
zplugin ice wait"1" lucid
zplugin load zdharma/zui

# 16/
zplugin ice wait'[[ -n ${ZLAST_COMMANDS[(r)cras*]} ]]' lucid
zplugin load zdharma/zplugin-crasis

# 17/
zplugin ice wait'0' lucid
zplugin load ~/gitlab/zsh-tag-search.git

# 18/
zplugin ice wait"2" lucid
zplugin load voronkovich/gitignore.plugin.zsh

# 19/
zplugin ice wait"0" atload"_zsh_autosuggest_start" lucid
zplugin load zsh-users/zsh-autosuggestions

# 19/
zplugin ice wait"1" atinit"ZPLGM[COMPINIT_OPTS]=-C; zpcompinit; zpcdreplay; FAST_WORK_DIR=XDG;"
zplugin load zdharma/fast-syntax-highlighting

# 20/
zplugin ice wait"1" lucid
zplugin load psprint/fsh-auto-themes

# 21/ zsh-diff-so-fancy
zplugin ice wait"2" lucid as"program" pick"bin/git-dsf"
zplugin load zdharma/zsh-diff-so-fancy

# >= 22/ git-now
zplugin ice wait"2" lucid as"program" pick"$ZPFX/bin/git-now" make"prefix=$ZPFX install"
zplugin load iwata/git-now

# >= 22/ git-extras
zplugin ice wait"2" lucid as"program" pick"$ZPFX/bin/git-alias" make"PREFIX=$ZPFX"
zplugin load tj/git-extras

# >= 22/ git-cal
zplugin ice wait"2" lucid as"program" atclone'perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=$ZPFX' atpull'%atclone' \
            make'install' pick"$ZPFX/bin/git-cal"
zplugin load k4rthik/git-cal

# >= 22/ git-url
zplugin ice wait"2" lucid as"program" pick"$ZPFX/bin/git-(url|guclone)" make"install PREFIX=$ZPFX"
zplugin load zdharma/git-url

# >= 22/ git-recall
zplugin ice wait"3" lucid pick"git-recall" as"command"
zplugin load Fakerr/git-recall

: marzocchi/zsh-notify nicely works with zc-bg-notify
: zplugin ice wait"0" blockf lucid
: zplugin light marzocchi/zsh-notify
: zplugin ice load'![[ $PWD = */github/* ]]' unload'![[ $PWD != */github/* ]]'
: zplugin light denysdovhan/spaceship-zsh-theme

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