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Re: find duplicate files

On 2019-04-08 6:08 p.m., Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:

RA> I'd have thought that for donkey's years there would be utilities
RA> that would let you find duplicates at various levels of rigour
RA> because it's so obviously an issue that's bound to come up.

What makes you think that such utilities don't exist?
I thought that they do exist, and many have been named.
The fact that
people discuss pure zsh ways to do something doesn't say much about
whether non-zsh things exist.
Sure, as an exercise or some customization, but in this case it seemed like there was a genuine need, but the problem didn't seem exotic so I thought I'd ask.  Looks to me like an official 'zdupe' is in order and 90% already cooked.

For example, I've used "duff" for this.  http://duff.dreda.org/

What a fine document.  But why is so much computer documentation so bloody awful?

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