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Zsh and ReGIS graphics.


I'm playing with ReGIS graphics (in XTerm) and have noticed that things display differently depending on the line that the prompt is on.

It seems as if Zsh clears the remainder of the screen after the end of the prompt line.

If I clear the screen (^L) and then display the ReGIS graphic, the graphic flashes and then goes away. I think this is because Zsh is redisplaying the prompt immediately after the cat command. If I hit enter a number of times to cause the prompt to move further down the screen, such that it's in the graphic or below it, the part of the graphic that is above the prompt stays.

On a whim I tried Bash and it does not seem to suffer from this same clearing of the remainder of the screen issue.

Is this a Zsh setting?

I tried searching the zshall man page, and it seems as if all instances of "clear" either don't have to do with the screen or clear the entire screen.

Does anyone have any idea if this is a Zsh thing? Or possibly something spurious I have in my prompt?

Any help / pointers would be appreciated.

Grant. . . .
unix || die

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