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Re: A change in a prompt

I suppose you are using something like
It configures your prompt to display different properties of your ZSH
session. Apparently it can display your current conda environment, hence
you get "(base)" in the prompt.

If you'd like to learn how prompt is configured in ZSH, there is a good
short introduction at http://zsh.sourceforge.net/Intro/intro_14.html. If
this isn't enough, take a look at


On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 11:35 PM Hoji, Akihiko <akh22@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> HI,
> I have an newbie question.  I am running Oh-my-zsh in my Mac and after
> installing Miniconda through Homebrew, a command prompt changed to from
> “->" to "(base) -> “  Could anybody explain what this (base) addition means
> and how it was created after miniconda installation.
> Thanks in advance.

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