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Re: Zsh as default in Mac OS 15 / zsh "primer"?

Zsh language and its environment are more advanced and this allowed me to
create an advanced plugin manager for it, zplugin (
https://github.com/zdharma/zplugin). When I was thinking about creating
similar plugin manager for Bash, it seemed problematic and some features
(like turbo mode) would have to be absent. In effect, Zsh gains one more
advantage: plugin manager and the plugins microcosm.

pon., 3 cze 2019, 23:11 użytkownik TJ Luoma <luomat@xxxxxxxxx> napisał:

> I've been told that zsh is the default shell in the new version of
> macOS "Catalina".
> Someone just asked me if I had a quick primer on why zsh is "better"
> than other shells.
> I've never really used others so I don't really know much about it, so
> I wasn't sure what to suggest other than Googling,
> Tj
> --
> TJ Luoma
> TJ @ MacStories
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> Twitter: @tjluoma

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